The Handicapped Travel Club has an active community of club members, many of whom have some form of mobility challenge, and yet still enjoy getting out, traveling and enjoying the outdoors. We have an annual rally that alternates across 3 regions of the country. West, Central and East. This ensures that a rally will happen at least once every 3 years, hopefully within driving distance of members in that region. Many of the members make an effort to attend the rally wherever it is held, sometimes traveling completely across the country. I can think of no other testament to the value of this club than the journey and effort our members take just to attend.

On a personal note, my wife Teresa and I (Brad) have traveled to every rally since joining the club in 2010, when the annual rally happened to be in the Pacific Northwest close to us. We so thoroughly enjoyed the community and comradery that we’ve been attending every year since.

The club itself does not provide accessible RV’s or have access to mobility equipment. However, we are of group of RV enthusiasts many of whom have their own accessible RV modified for their own unique requirements.  At each rally we learn from each other what works best for us.

We do have a page on our website to with links to accessible RV manufacturers and other resources.

While most members do have an RV you do not need an RV to attend our rallies. We always ensure the rally held somewhere close to a hotel with accessible rooms. Several of our members prefer to say in a hotel and drive to the rally activities each day.

If you think you or someone in your family would benefit from being a part of this community, I encourage you to attend one of our rallies when it’s in a region near you.