About Us

Who We Are

The Handicapped Travel Club, Inc. was formed in 1973 to encourage traveling for people with a wide range of disabilities. The HTC encourages people with disabilities and their families to travel, to meet and to share information on making recreational vehicles accessible for the disabled. “Fun and Fellowship” is our motto.
We currently have over 250 members, publish a newsletter, have local get-togethers and sponsor an annual rally as well as an occasional regional rally. The annual rally rotates among various sections of the country.

How We Got Started

The Handicapped Travel Club, Inc., was formed in August, 1973, in Arcata, California by five disabled couples from California and Texas. These couples had received so much therapy from travel and the association with campers with disabilities, they decided to form a club which would encourage other handicapped people to travel, to meet, and to exchange ideas.

Who Can Join

The original plan was for a club of families where at least one person was handicapped. But when able-bodied people asked to join because they approved of the idea and wanted to help, the membership was opened to both disabled and non-disabled. All active members have equal voting privileges and the right to hold office.

There are no territorial boundaries, no limitations as to color, race, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, or marital status. However, to receive the most benefit from the HTC, join in and participate.

Membership and Dues

The dues are $20 for the initial fee, which includes the processing fee and the first year’s dues. Renewal fees are $10 per year thereafter. The HTC is not affiliated with any other national club. Dues are low in order that members can afford to belong to other traveling organizations and attend other rallies. The club year runs from January 1 through December 31. New members joining after October 1 are receipted for the following year. Why not pay for 5 years and save HTC postage.

Get-Togethers and Gatherings: Currently, there is one annual official business meeting and rally, and the time and place are voted on at the previous rally. However, it is hoped that there will be many occasions when two or more members will gather for fun and fellowship. As HTC has grown, there have been more regional rallies, and it is hoped this idea will multiply as more enthusiastic members join. Members are encouraged to carry the club roster with them when traveling and visit other HTCers around the country.

Treasurer: Brad Bartz
19827 NE 189th st.
Woodinville, WA 98077